Feature: Why Girls Still Sign Up for the Pony Club for the Telegraph / by Susanna Forrest


It's an old story. Girl (Jinny, Jill, Jackie) meets the Pony of her dreams (Shantih, Black Boy, Misty). Pony has intriguing psychological problems that respond only to Girl's uniquely sensitive nature.

Girl and Pony fall in love. Through the medium of an equus ex machina Girl gets Pony.

Girl and Pony canter on beaches and rescue other horses from disused mineshafts/nasty farmers, before winning a silver cup against the odds and defeating the arch-bitch rich girl who - terrible sin! - never grooms her own pony.

End shot: Girl and Pony gallop whooping along a cliff top, pointed at destiny.

For the Telegraph. (14th July 2007)