Feature: Popping the Questions, a wife audition for the Guardian by Susanna Forrest

Last Saturday, Britain saw its first "Wife Audition", billed as the Pop Idol of matchmaking. Naturally, I decided to attend - in a purely professional capacity, you understand - to see how exactly you put a "Wife" through her paces in the 21st century. After all, who would do the soul-baring equivalent of a tap dance in a tutu? And who would think that was a good way of finding a wife?

Read more at the Guardian here. (19th May 2005)

Review: Dirty Fan Male by Johnny Trunk for the New Statesman by Susanna Forrest


Eve had an excellent understanding of what her punters wanted, and never missed a trick. Business flourished. Knowing that she was "selling love", she sent out Valentine cards and cheap red lacy panties, purchased wholesale by her brother. The fans responded in kind. Their yearning, garbled and explicit billets-doux are here reproduced in facsimile alongside Trunk's account of his life in soft porn.

My review of Johnny Trunk’s Dirty Fan Male for the New Statesman. (5th September 2005)

Review: Rape, A Love Story by Joyce Carol Oates for the scotsman by Susanna Forrest


This dark little fable of masculinity is set in Niagara Falls in the mid-1990s. Teena Maguire, a young widow, is gang-raped and left for dead in a park. Her 12-year-old daughter Bethie escapes the attackers and hides, but hears the whole assault. The book deals with the aftermath: Maguire's slow recovery and the vicious rumours that swirl around the town.

My review of Joyce Carol Oates’ Rape, A Love Story for the Scotsman, can be read here. (3rd July 2005)