About Susanna forrest

I'm the author of If Wishes Were Horses, a Memoir of Equine Obsession (2012), and The Age of the Horse, which was published by Atlantic Books in the UK in October 2016 and will be published by Grove Atlantic in the US in May 2017. Hara Shobo in Tokyo are currently preparing a Japanese translation, which is incredibly exciting. I began researching horse history late in 2004 after I left ER magazine, and my blog is a repository for the equestrian curios and news stories I've found along the way.

I've written for the New York Times Opinionator blogs, Spiegel Online, the Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Eve, New Woman and the New Statesman among others. I'm a member of the Equine Research Network.

In 2016 I won the Sophie Coe Prize for an essay on food history called “'Horsemeat is Certainly Delicious': Anxiety, Xenophobia and Rationalism at a Nineteenth-Century American Hippophagic Banquet." This essay is a chapter in the collection Equine Cultures: Horses, Human Society, and the Discourse of Modernity, 1700–Present, edited by Kristen Guest and Monica Mattfeld. It will be published by the University of Chicago Press.

I'm also contributing a chapter on the new equestrian scene in China to Equestrian Cultures in Global and Local Arenas, edited by Miriam Adelman and Kirrilly Thompson (Spring Press). It's called "'Twenty-five matching warmbloods and a Gucci saddle': the importation and disruption of the new Chinese equestrian landscape" because why the hell not, eh?

Here are links to some of the work I've done that's available online:

For the New York Times' Menagerie blog: talking to horses through riding, learning to ride all over again, Tav and Sasa.

For the Telegraph: the history of hippophagy, sidesaddle, Pippi Longstocking and pony books.

For Spiegel Online: the 2013 Horse Meat Scandal.

For the Guardian: the other big "C", being a drag queen, erotica for women and wife auditions.

For the Scotsman: on Joyce Carole Oates' Rape: A Love Story.

For the New Statesman: on Jonny Trunk's Dirty Fan Mail: a life in rude letters.

En Français: a translation of the history of hippophagy piece in Courrier International.

For Gridskipper.com: ramblings on and around Berlin, ditto Momondo.com.

Talks and interviews: On horses, PTSD and Anxiety: BBC World Service's The Forum, 22 August 2016. On women-only remount depots in World War One, The Equine Army, BBC1 West (2 June 2014) and BBC4 (29 September 2014). On sidesaddle, Countryfile, BBC1 (10 June 2012). 2012 Daily Telegraph Way with Words Literary Festival, Dartington Hall. Speaker, Galloping History Symposium at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, April 2014; Horse Tales: Writing the Equine in Children's Literature at Homerton College, Cambridge University, UK, May 2016, and Guildford Literary Festival, October 2016.